My Beauty routine 3 steps, 5 minutes

Milly Rich, 97 years old, 2015, Brighton, England

Milly Rich, 97 years old, 2015, Brighton, England

looking perfectly presentable for 99 years OLD

I read the average make up / beauty routine these days includes 27 steps and takes 40 minutes!

Who on earth has the time to do that every day?

My beauty routine has always been a quick one. Water and moisturiser.  I use Aveeno moisturiser after years of using Estolan, a good classic that works for me I believe, although I’m not sure what I would look like if I didn’t use it. It’s been around since 1945 and contains natural oatmeal (so I’m porridged inside and out).

People always say I have a lovely skin but to me it looks exactly like everyone else’s.

I naturally sleep on my back, which does help prevent sleep wrinkles and keeps my skin smooth I suppose. I also use an innovative pillow system called Waking Beauty that I have invented together with my daughter, but more of that on another occasion. As for my hair, I comb it a different way each day to stop it from getting flat, I put it up away from my face with a few clips and that’s me done, 3 steps, 5 minutes and looking perfectly presentable for 99 years.


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