looking perfectly presentable for 99 years OLD

I read the average make up / beauty routine these days includes 27 steps and takes 40 minutes! Who on earth has the time to do that every day? My beauty routine has always been a quick one. Water and moisturiser.  I use Aveeno moisturiser  that works for me, I believe, although I’m not sure what I would look like if I didn’t use it. It’s says its got oatmeal in, so I'm porridged inside and out. People always say I have a lovely skin but to me it looks exactly like everyone else’s.

What exactly is luck? How can one define luck?

People are often quick to say ‘I’m  lucky ‘or ‘I’m not a lucky person’. Well what is luck? I could say that-
“I’m lucky to have my daughter”
or I could say
“She’s lucky to have me”, or - “we’re lucky to have each other”
You could say you were lucky if you found £5 on the pavement, but that is and isn’t luck, it certainly isn’t lucky for the person who lost it! I think people are wrong about luck.

Milly donating her large collection of seashells It was so lovely to donate seashells for everybody to see. [caption id="attachment_175" align="alignnone" width="620"] Milly - just to remind you....

The producers wanted couples through the ages to help make this video and found Milly & Moss through cousin Phil walking on the sea front....