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Women have always endured some suffering in the name of beauty and mostly to impress men

Personally I don’t think it makes any difference to men whatsoever

Simple Beauty

I’ve always had a good skin. I think this is because –

I rarely wash it,

I don’t fuss with it,

I use a cheap, but impressive moisturiser, Aveeno, as I’ve mentioned before.

My advice for an effective beauty regime concentrate on your best features keep it simple and natural, you don’t want foundation layered all over your face like a paint-by-numbers kit.

Things are too complicated so make them simpler. My skin care is straightforward.


A number of years ago Ponds vanishing cream was the moisturiser of choice for day with Ponds cold cream being the cleanser and moisturiser you went to bed with.

It was simple. People put their hair in rags, put cold cream on their face and went to bed. Apparently it’s making a comeback since Kylie Minogue mentioned that it was her favourite cream. It’s a hundred years old, as old as me!


As far as make up went, my foundation was from Max Factor.

When Max Factor was launched, I was about 15/16, the thing that revolutionised make up was Max Factor Pan Cake, a creamy pad with a little wet sponge.

You couldn’t get many shades. You could get face powder in a shade called Rachel, which was a sort of beige and Natural, which was a sort of pink, and these would be worn on top of the foundation to set it and add some colour.


Lipstick is a very important product.

I think all you need is a simple make up with a strong lip colour and you’re done.

Tangee was a lipstick that suited every one, it was a sort of orangey colour and was supposed to change colour on your lips to suit you.

I have always opted for a quick, simple look – but effective.

Who wants to spend hours putting on make up?

A Milly free tip: one thing that works for a quick lift is an egg white. It’s a very good cosmetic, an effective face-lift. It tightens skin but I’ve never tried to find out how long it lasts, good for the eyes too.

Women have always endured some suffering in the name of beauty and mostly to impress men; personally I don’t think it makes any difference to men whatsoever.

Milly Rich

Milly was born in 1917 and lives 'in the now' (informed by history). She is a fashion designer, conchologist, company director and inspiration for Waking Beauty Sleep System. Life long beauty? What are your views?