Argus newspaper reports Milly on BBC4

British Passions on Film, BBC4, 2012

When the phone rang it was the BBC. They couldn’t believe they found me. They looked up the Milly Rich from the Pathé pictorial made in 1956. They collected me and drove me to London and this is the result on film.

The producer Leslie Smith wrote to us:

Millie’s interview was absolutely wonderful and I know the entire nation will fall in love with her all over again when they see her.  Her passion and warmth and immaculate taste come shining through and I can’t tell you how grateful I am to you both for coming to London for us! The programme would not be half as good without Millie and I am very much in your debt.

Milly Rich

Milly was born in 1917 and lives 'in the now' (informed by history). She is a fashion designer, conchologist, company director and inspiration for Waking Beauty Sleep System. Life long beauty? What are your views?