‘Europe’s only woman (seashell) importer’ British Pathé film

Filmed in the Conran showroom 1956

Pathé Pictorials were shown during the interval between the A and B movie when you went to the ‘pictures’ in the 50s and 60s. They were also shown at News Theatres where you could see shorts while waiting for a train. I was asked to star in this for the reason it says in the movie: ‘Europe’s only woman (seashell) importer’! The film says it was shot in our ‘Balham flat’ Actually it was the Conran Showroom. I was 39.

Milly Rich

Milly was born in 1917 and lives 'in the now' (informed by history). She is a fashion designer, conchologist, company director and inspiration for Waking Beauty Sleep System. Life long beauty? What are your views?