Five things you didn’t know about me with some wisdom, humour and beauty tips

Milly Rich, 97, showing the photo of her and Cyril Fletcher in 1969, almost 50 years later

Me at 97 years old. The photo of me with Cyril Fletcher taken in 1969.

No. 1. In October 2017 I will be 100 years old

Having so far enjoyed a century of life’s delights and demands, I have more than a few pearls of wisdom to impart! I am hoping that my regular blog posts will offer a little bit of laughter alongside my experiences on how to make the most of whatever life throws at you… and sometimes how to throw something back at it. Please take from it whatever personally works.

Although I’m 99 I don’t feel any age in my head, I’m me and if I want to do something I have the confidence to do it, that’s what ultimately counts. I’m not necessarily aware that it’s self-confidence, I just never doubt myself. I think of new businesses and ventures all the time and if I want to start something I just get on with it…

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